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        About U-Man:

        *    U-Man was established in year 2002 as a trading company in Shenzhen, which is 45 minutes by train from Hong Kong,later it started its own manufacturing plants in Wuxi, which is 2 hours by car from Shanghai airport, to provide diversified heat exchangers to its worldwide customers.

        *    Certified ISO9001-2000 in year 2008, complete TS16949 certification in year 2012

        *    Around 120 employees working in the factory and in its head office in Shenzhen

        U-Man is a cohesive team made up of ambitious and creative individuals focused on international markets.

        U-Man’s goal is creating value for consumers by providing high-quality service based on the principles of “Quality, Efficiency, Integrity and Continuous Improvement ”.

        U-Man supplies OE customers in Germany, U-Man’s product quality is widely approved by customers in Europe and north America, U-Man’s speed in new model development is the envy of many international counterparts.

        U-Man’s goal is to grow with first class strategic partners!

        To partner with U-Man is to choose a win-win relationship.

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